Saturday, August 20, 2016

#TRUMP--Ballad of Baton Rouge Donald--POETRY BY JCL (C) 2016

BALLAD OF BATON ROUGE DONALD--by JC Langelle  (c) 2016

Everyone thought that Donald Trump,
Wasn't political and couldn't stump
But there he was right after the deluge
Hauling supplies down to Baton Rouge.

While his opponent was deleting email
Trump knew he was too big to fail,
So right after the 100 year flood
He waded out into Louisiana mud.

The governor told him to stay away
But Trump had a better idea that day
He brought with him the VP Pence
Who wasn't about to sit on a fence.

With all those people in immediate need
Waiting for the water to recede
It was The Donald who showed up first
To find Baton Rouge submersed.

A total of thirteen people drowned,
While Obama played golf, safe and sound.
The governor  didn't want The Donald there,
Obama and the governor didn't care.

If there is a lesson to be learned
It's that respect has to be earned.
In spite of what  we hear from lesser men,
He might  make America great again