Saturday, July 14, 2018

Monday, May 28, 2018

TOUT MON AMOUR POUR TOI--JC Langelle on Reverbnation--(C) 2018 HOLLYWOOD REDLINE

.. quand je la vois marcher dans la rue
je suis tremblant et je me sens si faible
je dis à mes yeux de ne pas regarder
ils n'entendent pas un mot je dis
je vais en morceaux et je veux mourir
aller en morceaux et je pleure presque
chaque fois que mon bébé passe par
Je dis à mes bras de tenir quelqu'un
un autre amour qui sera vrai
ils n'écoutent pas ils ne semblent pas s'en soucier
ils vont pour elle mais elle est partie
Je me souviens qu'elle a dit au revoir bébé
nous nous reverrons bientôt peut-être
mais jusqu'à ce que nous fassions
tout mon amour pour toi
je vais dans les cafés où nous allions
mais je sais qu'elle ne montrera pas
elle m'a fait tellement mal
je sais qu'elle se sent satisfait

très spécial merci à la fin du grand del shannon

Sunday, April 30, 2017


From the Hollywood Reporter to the Variety
The headlines are full of anxiety
It's all over Facebook and they want you to like
The fact that the writers are going on strike.

From Sunset Boulevard to Rodeo Drive
And on Saturday Night Live
There's hashtags running all over Twitter
Where the news has gone from bad to bitter.

For most of us it may seem like a hoax
That people get paid for writing unfunny jokes
But they're getting ready to turn off the mike
As the Writers Guild may go on strike.

If they're not laughing  on the late night shows
It's because the banks are about to foreclose
On their big houses in the Hollywood Hills
Not to mention all the other bills.

They'll be singing the blues over on The Voice
When they come to repossess their Rolls Royce
They'll be on the streets with The Walking Dead
Before all the demands are even read.

When all the negotiations fail
The ratings drop and the sponsors bail
The producer will shout "The show must go on..!!"
As the audience cheers and the curtain is drawn.

But on the stage the late night host
In New York, or on the Left Coast
Will be using recycled lines
While outside they walk the picket lines.

It's going to be a sobering lesson
As the industry sinks into a recession
Because of all the lost revenue
Before there's any breakthrough.

From Deadline to the Hollywood Wrap
Don't expect anybody to clap
Until they agree on the strike panel
We'll just have to watch the Weather Channel.

Saturday, April 29, 2017


We're here at the correspondents' dinner
Where no one is a winner
The President has gone over the hill
As riots break out in Brazil

They're laughing at the party jokes
Dismissing  climate change as a  hoax.
While today under the sun so parched
Two hundred thousand strong marched.

The media people are all eating
While people are marching and bleeding
Fighting for free speech and the climate
They're out in the streets in a riot

While feasting at dinner on steak
They'll deny that all the news is fake
They'll say they report what is true
And it's not a media coup.

The President is over the hill
He won't be paying the bill
For the feast that will end sometime late
After all have finished their plate.

So lets all join the correspondents
And laugh at all of their nonsense
For tomorrow the streets will be meaner
And those fatcats will be less leaner..